The Arcane Brotherhood


Archmage Tenant Scion has forged many of the College Arcanes most powerful graduates into a hierarchy of arcane and intellectual leaders. While many strive to achieve the power and prestige of an Archmage or Magister, few become more than simply wizards, sorcerers and petty spell slingers.

The Brotherhood has gathered lore and mysteries once held by the great Spellblades, War Wizards, and artifacts of old Netheral. The have traded scrolls with the Void Masters and Elementalist of Sho, and the Sahir of far Araby.

Though many believe the brotherhood to hold darker intents, none have ever proven such base words of idle minds and jealous tongues to bear any truth.


  • The arcane sciences must be preserved and refined, too much was lost to chaos of the past.
  • Mastery of weave, and above all else, defending the weave from any harm.
  • Mystra has lost her chosen, we shall strive to be worthy to stand in their place.


To amass knowledge, magical power, and influence.

The Arcane Brotherhood

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