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Special Rules for Tyranny of Dragons

Character Creation Benefits
Players who complete the following actions gain the listed in-game benefit…

Entering your character information into Obsidian Portal.
To do this click on Characters in the left menu, then click the light gray + on the top right hand corner of the main window, Select ‘Basic D&D 5e’ under the style sheet drop down menu

  • You Gain your Faction Insignia
  • You Receive the ‘Scale of Bahamut’ wonderous item described in your faction folder

Provide the GM with a Background/Biography, that incorporates your personality traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws
This can be added to your character sheet, or emailed to me

  • You gain a starting feat or inherited magic item of the GM’s choosing

Faction Advancement

Rank Renown Other Requirements
1 0
2 3
3 10 5th level, 1 secret mission
4 25 11th level, 3 secret missions
5 50 17th level, 10 secret missions

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