Character Creation Suggestions

Character Creation


The Following sub-races are allowed
Shield Dwarf (As Mountain Dwarf in PHB)
Sun Elves (As High Elf in PHB)
Moon Elves (Standard Elves in PHB)
Renegade Drow (Dark Elf in PHB)
Dragonborn must be Metallic Dragon Types

The Factions

The Leaders of the Five Factions have called the players to Candlekeep, each player must choose a faction that is not being played by one of the other players…

The five powerful factions in the realms have many members both mighty and low. But even the low dream of might, grandeur, renown, or simply security for themselves or that which they believe in.

Each of the five characters will begin the game as a member of one of the factions… Choose wisely, for decisions of this weight are not often subject to change… If you do not live up to the behaviors, beliefs and goals of your faction you may suffer experience penalties, and your character will certainly suffer the wrath of his in-game allies.


If you do not find one of the background in the Players Handbook of interest suggest an alternative background, identify the two proficiencies, equipment, and if appropriate languages, choose a trait, ideal, bond and flaw that match your suggestion and present them to the GM.

Everyone will also have an additional BOND chosen at random by the GM during character creation.

There are two optional features available for this campaign.

If you take the Sage background you may select the optional feature Dragon Scholar in place of your normal feature. The reason for this must be explained as part of your background narrative

If you are a member of The Harpers, The Zhentarim, or THE LORDS’ ALLIANCE and do not have a Lawful alignment you may inquire about becoming an Infiltrator.

Narrative Background

You may choose to start with a Feat, however the cost of doing so is providing a character background narrative, that includes your background, both bonds, your personality trait, ideal(s) and flaw(s) You have to get me the background before Session 1, and it should be about a page.

Remember your ability to play the role you have created will determine your experience bonuses and Inspiration.

Alignment Restrictions
Chaotic Evil – (Banned for players)
This is the alignment of the foes you hunt, of despots and diabolical creatures who are satisfied with all civilization in ruins, so long as they get to sit on the ruins…

The Harpers accept only those of Good alignments, Neutral and Lawful Neutral alignments may be accepted in rare cases.

The Zhentarim tends toward Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, and Chaotic Neutral alignments, while their are some members who may believe themselves to have Good Intentions, they are few and far from advancement in the black network.

The Order of The Gauntlet is exclusively Good Alignments, no person not of truly Good intentions is welcome, and only in this time of great threat is working with those who are opposed to the righteous path even tolerated.

Character Creation Suggestions

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