Toci K'rath


Amber Drake Ancestry
Pale Golden Brown crystalline Scales – muted reflection
Dark brown/black frills (Flexible – think predator the movie, but thicker)
Gold eyes – calculating but not cold. Stoic
Medium-slim build. Toned muscles, small chested. Androgynous frame
No shoes, dark brown/black cloth wraps (doesn’t cover much)
Bronze pin for Obsidian Arrow Order


Toci ( Toe-see )

One of her first memories is of blood; everything was red, covered in the tacky viscous liquid. The walls and furniture were covered, even the floor was lost in a pool several inches thick. She remembers the sticky feeling on her little hands as she grasped the air and kicked her feet; she was almost a year old. Then the screaming began.

The monastery was attacked that spring, the cult of the dragon clan running raids along the outskirts to gather the dragonborn younglings to their cause. She was the only one left behind; missed in the chaos or rejected for her strange coloring, no one was sure. Amber scales have always set her apart; none have ever been seen like her in Maztica before.

She was always a little odd, quiet and serious in most of her studies, but overly enthusiastic around violence and fighting. The dragonborn that came after her were all silver, bronze, or copper – no amber; and they stuck together as dragonborn do, with an almost xenophobic dedication. Toci was always left on the sidelines, never quite fitting in.

In early adolescence she threw herself into her studies and training. She allowed her pride to drive personal excellence in fighting. She would always sneak into nooks or crannies to hide and spy on the other kids – this became a great source of information that could be leveraged if necessary. She found many opportunities this way to play tricks on the others, like putting sticky tree wax on the seat of the loo, or pinching the rosary beads from her instructor’s waist while they sparred.

Her drive to be the best fighter led to a discovery that she could make the most fearsome impression if she wanted to. She simply had to reach back to that first memory and let the feeling of sadistic lust for her deadly intentions show on her face – at these moments her voice would rumble with lethal anticipation and her opponents’ will power would crumble. This ability seemed unique to her in this monastery and she was introduced to a new discipline – the assassin.

When Toci was granted the Black Robes of a Jaguar Knight, her obsession with defending her people and her desire to find her lost yearmates led to her being assigned to join the Obsidian Arrow in exploring the continent of Faerun, to read into the threat of the Dragon Cultists of many colors and the dangers posed by what is now the mainland of Returned Maztica. Her most recent orders were to join a group working for a coalition of factions investigating the cult.

Toci K'rath

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