Five Heads from Hell

Greenest in Ashes

The aftermath of the cults attack on the city.

After the dual between Sir Gregor Stormwind and the red dragon-born, the townspeople wryly observe as the forces of the cult withdraw from Greenest. Guards remain vigilant, watching the sky in anticipation of Fire and Lightening raining down on the tower at any moment.

As dawn breaks on the horizon, a thick grey haze obscures the town, perfuming the air with the smell of burnt wood, burning green plants, and the pungent rancor of scorching flesh and fur/hair.

By mid-day the party is healed, resupplied (Everyone is given sufficient horse (or dog) and human rations for 7 days journey.) As you gather to leave the castle you hear a member of the guard informing the town elders and the lord that they have a count of 388 to burn or bury as the faith or family of the fallen decree, there are an estimated 235 villagers missing including about 50 children. The village stores have been raided and the winter curing is gone.

Escobert The Red orders his attending scribe to draft a letter to the Lords Alliance seeking emergency aid, and another to the temples of Ilmater and Chantea/Yondalla requesting healers and clerics who can offer the miracles of food and health that will be needed to survive the impending winter, a final letter to the Conservatory of Sharindlar, that they may send lay brothers to offer aid in rebuilding.

The townspeople cheer as best they can with the weight of such sorrow heavy in their hearts as the party rides out of the town, a small halfling girl calls to the armored Sir Gregor, saying “You were so brave to fight the dragonman, i’m glad you are better, and are going to rescue my mommy and brother from the bad mens!!!”



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